• What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?… Everything! – Listen in TONIGHT @ 7 pm EST!

    lovedwellshereLove is a many splendored thing and when you love yourself, your life is awesome as well.

    At times we look at people at face value, they’re movin’ and groovin’ and doing all kinds of wonderful things big and small. We often believe that they are lucky, that everything always works out for them (or so it seems). It appears as if they’ve got it together… and they do… NOW!

    I often say that thoughts are things and never before are those words more true. Rhonda Townsend comes to the Life Coach Radio Network to share her story about how her negative self-thoughts and self-talk lead to unhealthy choices and how loving herself FIRST is truly the greatest love of all.

    Listen in LIVE tonight at 7 pm EST. Feel free to call in during the broadcast at 347-857-2878! You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Rhonda Young says:

    GREAT show!!!