• Watch what you say..

    I was having dinner with a fellow coach colleague last night celebrating his recent accomplishment of landing his 14th client. Lou (** not his name to protect the innocent) once worked in at a job that he felt unappreciated. As the days went on, he became more and more disenchanted and disconnected to his role in the company which led to questions about what his worth is to the company (and maybe even himself). One day at lunch, probably at the lowest time in his corporate life, I talked to Lou about his potential… about maybe this isn’t the right place for you… Have you ever thought about expressing yourself in a different way in such a way that you can potentially make a living at it?

    One discussion led to another and with his willingness and my assistance, Lou accepted a package (instead of fighting for his job), looked into the iPEC coaching curriculum and is now living out his potential one day at a time.

    I for one am so proud of Lou that I could just burst… and he said to me last night over the best Italian dinner (Carmine’s in NYC),that it was all because of me and what I said to him.  HHHmmmmm…I got the warm and fuzzy feeling and had tears in my eyes as I watched the sparkle of wonderful things to come.

    I’ve come to realize that this is my gift to the world. To acknowledge the potential in people and to encourage them to be their best. To assist them to simply go for it. What if I was a different type person? What if I was jealous, envious, spiteful, ___ (fill in the blank)? We have the potential every day to uplift or tode-motivate others with our words.

    As a child, I was told many times over what I wasn’t and what I couldn’t do. I’ve come to realize that this is why I am so hell bent to prove to the “them” and myself that I can and I will. Show your love for the world and others through what can be done… and watch to see what can happen.

    What will you do differently today?

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  1. Fredi Baker says:

    You are such a great source of inspiration for many of us – including “Lou” 😉