• Want to live life to the fullest? Storm chasers need only apply!

    The end result of a goal reached, an intention achieved, a life-long plan coming into existence is a great accomplishment. Some are celebrated formally (graduation, weddings, funerals, etc) while some are cd37ee5bab3af9cf2ad75ff5c6fa10a0personal (# of days sober, # of days eating healthy, or # of days of positive self-talk). No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, once you’ve gotten there, you take a breath and thank the Heavens that “you’ve arrived.”

    But when you look back over the time that you took to live every day towards that purpose (whether you were clear about it or not)), it’s the journey that’s to be celebrated. It’s the person you’ve become as a result of a certain person, place, or thing that’s come into your life to disrupt and cause change. Change can be very personal, very painful, and at times we believe it’s unnecessary.

    However, it’s because of that disruption, you’ve been able to see more of who you are and what you’ve got on the inside that tells you that YOU are a FIGHTER, YOU MATTER, YOU are IMPORTANT, YOU are a WINNER and by God…. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    I’ve learned through many a storm to put a smile on my face (whether I “feel” it or not) and say, “Alright… let’s see what I’m meant to learn this time!” it’s so obvious after the clouds have allowed for sunshine that we see the necessity of the storm.. and for that, I am grateful

    What about you? When you see the clouds raging in your life, knowing that a storm is on it’s way… What will you say? Talk to me good people!

    Want to hear about how one can “weather the storm?” This coming Tuesday, June 2, at 7 pm EST, I will host a discussion about this subject on the Life Coach Radio Network. Click HERE to listen in or participate in the live broadcast at 7pm EST.