• Want to be more POWERFUL? – Get your REST!

    relaxationzoneWe’ve heard it time and time again… There’s no way that we can really be fully present if we don’t take better care of ourselves. However, we’ve also been socialized to believe that the bigger, better, stronger human is the one who works, and works, and works, and works!

    While this may be true in spurts. It’s not necessarily so when it’s ALL you ever do. Our bodies are not meant to take such a beating. And when we purposefully stress ourselves out, our bodies will “do what it do” and break down.

    This very timely discussion took place a few weeks ago. Take some time into the relaxation zone to hear more about best to relax more AND get more done! Click this LINK to listen to the recording.

    With the rush of the holiday season upon us, we will need as many reminders as possible to keep us healthy, wealthy, and wise!