• “Toto, we’re NOT in Kansas anymore”

    It’s something to be tossed up in the storms that come in our lives: jobs lost, health scares, literal storm that takes away some or all of our material things.. you name it because you know! You’ve been there. Hell, you ARE there now! Some of us were blind-sided by the storm while some of us saw it coming. Either way,  instead of preparing, we stood there and watched, balled up our fists, locked our legs, closed our eyes and braced ourselves for Sandy_Oct_25_2012_0400Z impact. Got tossed up, twisted and turned around and then BAM, landed either on your feet or on your butt…either way you landed! Yay! It’s time for celebration, right? You’re alive and able to get to that next step of recovery… right?

    No, you take in your surroundings and find that you are in unfamiliar territory, a place that you never imagined… well to be honest you knew where you could wind up but you didn’t literally think you’d ever be there.

    You ask yourself, “How did I get here?” and how can I get back to familiar territory, where I’m comfortable and living my normal life.” Well, hold on… wait a minute! Is the familiar and ordinary life what you really need? Our knee jerk reaction is to run toward the familiar almost blindly because it’s so comfortable. What has this toss-up, this “storm” changed for you? Does it represent an opportunity for adjustment or is it an interruption / distraction to a goal that you’re working towards?

    Is this the right time to investigate alternate means of income for you and your family? Having that job has created a comfortable place for you and now that its been outsourced or downsized, what should you do next? You like and don’t love your work but money is money, right?

    Could it mean that you now have to eat better, eat less, or exercise more to keep you out of a medical crisis? But the fries are so good and you feel so much better when you over-indulge OR you just aren’t used to being disciplined in this area of food and exercise. You see the commercials about the correct way to eat and the gym is around the corner…

    Is it normal course of action because you’re already in unfamiliar territory of change and you have to work through it to get to “the other side?”

    Why must it take a storm to create the road towards change? Just like Dorothy and Toto, they were tossed up in this unplanned and improbably storm. They needed to adapt to their new territory and then find their way home. They followed the yellow brick road, picked up some friends along the way and all eventually got what they wished for.Who What Why When Where Signpost Showing Confusion Brainstorming And Research

    How will you get back home? What resources will you use to change your course to get to that happier place? Which path will you take? Whose plan will you choose?


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  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Great creative writing!

  2. I’ve found storms to be a great way to build my character and see the possibilities that may have overlooked before.

  3. rasheem2013 says:

    Getting centered, sitting still, thinking reflecting in silence sometimes helps me in the storm.