• The Truth about Confidence

    “If you have no confidence in self, you have twice defeated the race of life. With confidence you have succeeded even before you have begun”

    ~ Marcus Garvey ~

    Quite the concept, huh? With confidence, you’ve already done what you’ve set out to do. Imagine what happens when you add action along with confidence…. MORE, much more than you’ve ever imagined.

    Is that the real reason your confidence wanes? The thought that if you actually do it that you (and maybe others) will actually expect more?

    Now THAT can keep anyone from putting action to the things that we’re confident about. I do admit to succumbing to this thought process before. Sometimes I linger in this thought for a while and other moments.. it’s just that.. a moment. Think about it this way though.Think about how many of us would be cheated out of your genius, your way of inspiring the world…all because we are thinking beyond the moment that we currently have.. Which is right now!

    Don’t let tomorrow get in the way of today. Let’s all do what we can do RIGHT NOW and let tomorrow take care of itself. You’ll be there, more and more confident in taking the same or next step towards what you’ve always wanted for your life.

    Give it a shot! I want to hear all about it!

    In Love & Peace,


    Your DARE2doitNOW Coach!