• The Super Bowl called YOUR LIFE: Time out!

    In the midst of the game, every athlete, needs a moment to refresh and renew. Play calls are coming in and there may be a conflict in the messaging or the defense may show the quarterback a different line-up than anticipated. Does the quarterback just go with the first play call or does he take a time out to consult and confer?

    Life is moving at lightening speed. We are doing everything possible to keep up. Sometimes we’re caught up in the whirlwind or we are the ones focused, in action, and pushing the envelope. During these moments we either know the plan and are following it to the letter or we’re wandering around aimlessly. No matter what the situation going at 100 MPH consistently isn’t healthy nor is it productive. Have you been there? I know I have.. and way too often for my liking.

    So, what’s the next best thing to do? Take a time out!Time out2

    Take the time to confer and consult. Maybe it’s time for getting some sleep or extra rest. Perhaps it’s gardening, writing, or walking around the block or office. It’s amazing what happens when you choose to make time to take your eye off the ball. Everyone’s time out looks different. No matter what you decide, it’s important that you do it or your body will do it for you!

    Don’t ask me how I know (smile).

    What do you do to refocus / regroup? Talk to me!