• The Super Bowl called your life: Practice makes all the difference

    “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

    I’m sure many of you may have heard that quote before. The first time I did, it ruffled my feathers a bit because in that instant I wasn’t giving certain things in my life my full focus and attention. I wanted to believe that I was and in all honesty and transparency, only talked about what I did do… not what was left to do.respect training_champion

    When I played high school basketball, our coach ran us into the ground during our practices (at least that’s the way if felt in my 15-18 year old mind). I paid attention to all the things she told us, followed her instruction to the letter, ran when she said run, and ran faster once she started the timer on the clock. And then the inevitable… out comes the basketball for someone to take a foul shot. Really? We’re all struggling to breath and now we have to take a shot? At the beginning of the season, more than likely the person taking the shot missed… couldn’t lift your arms, hard time bending your knees, didn’t take the time to breathe.. all of that! As the season wore on, the practices became more intense and the foul shots were made.

    Fast forward to an actual game. We’re playing man to man defense in a game (which takes an extreme amount of effort and conditioning) only to run our normal plays on offense. We were winded but it wasn’t hard to take the shot. Thirty + years later, I understand soooo much better now. Learning to take the shot when you can’t breathe comes with practice. How you practice is how you perform at game time.

    Back to this year’s Super Bowl and games played throughout the football season. All of the spectacular feats, incredible catches and fancy footwork comes with repetition. Doing it the same way with the same level of intensity when no one is looking affects how it’s done when millions are.

    “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” ~ Maya Angelou

    How are you practicing??? How much are you pushing yourself to perform? What needs to change now that you know?

    Talk to me good people! We’re all in this game together!