• The Super Bowl called your life: Commercial for a Cause… One Love!

    As many people as there are who enjoy the game of football, there are many of us who can’t wait for the commercials that come on  to be entertained. Certainly there seems to be more during Super Bowl Sunday than the regular season but someone’s got to make money and this is the best way that companies can maximize their profits.

    Our station identification comes to you from Life Coach Radio Network of which I’ve been a host for the last year. We come to you live on the blog talk radio airwaves to encourage and promote allKindnessInMotion things good in all areas of coaching: health, wealth, emotional and physical well being, life transitions, and career transformations to name a few. Today’s blog post is dedicated to this special group as we, as a collective organism, launch One Love. One People. Kindness in Motion Movement! This idea was born out of the many careless demonstrations of violence and hate that is so prevalent in our world today. So what better way than to combat hate than with LOVE! Each day, do something nice for another person. Invite your friends to join you and watch the love grow! Help out a family in need, or provide a homeless person with a meal (instead of spare change). Pay a compliment. Smile. Mend a fence. Forgive. Listen. Be present. Spread the love and watch it grow! Together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Click here to join our Facebook group … and we’d LOVE if you encouraged others to join with you: JOIN THE MOVEMENT

    Interested in learning more? Join the One Love. One People. Kindness in Motion Movement broadcast LIVE this Saturday, February 14th at 1 pm EST. The broadcast is dedicated to sharing the details and will avail you the opportunity to ask questions if you have any.

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    “One love. One Heart. Let’s Get together and feel alright!” ~ Bob Marley