• The Super bowl called YOUR LIFE: Celebrate & Evaluate

    Last night’s game was competitive and came down to the wire. The Patriot’s win and Seahawk’s loss was certainly an example of the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. It appeared as if the Seahawks were surging and had all the momentum to win the game. In the waning moments with seconds left to play, a game defining moment took place for the Seahawks AND for the Patriots. Big plays only happen once and they take place in milliseconds. Based on the outcome, one team wins and another loses.

    Chance Win Lose Dice Showing Luck And Opportunity

    For the winner, the realization of a season long dream, and for some a lifelong dream has been fulfilled. Celebration, elation, interesting demonstration of emotions fill everyone individually and as a team. Tears are shed and happiness abound. Feel the positive vibe and be happy about the win. This feeling will last a good long while for the winner. Spend the time to revel this feeling… and then MOVE ON! In the game of football, you have to continue to get better, knowing that because you are the Champions, everyone will be coming after you the next season. Celebration comes first, evaluation second.

    For the losing team, the adrenalin is still flowing, emotions are running high, and acceptance (either immediate or eventual) of the loss is the first thing to come to their minds…evaluating over and over, saying to themselves and others “If only I had….” This is only the beginning of these thoughts and the toughest days are ahead as you replay every detail of how the loss occurred. Spend some time here… feel the burn… then MOVE ON! This feeling has the potential to be your strength and motivation in the future. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Evaluation comes first celebration is to come second! Be grateful to be IN the GAME at that level and the preparation and lessons learned in the journey.

    There is always a place for celebration for playing the game to the best of your ability. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. Knowing that at the beginning doesn’t thwart the athlete whose goal and mission is to play at their highest level individually and as a team in order to win the game.

     What about you? I know you’ve participating at the game called life… but have you be playing it? Do you have strategies in place for winning or are you allowing life to happen to you?

    You’ve won some (maybe more than you’ve lost) or feel like you’ve lost more than you’ve won. Do you celebrate the win or  immediately to checking the box and moving on? I used to do this and maybe you have too. Celebration is critical to the win and so is evaluation of your individual play to get the win. Who was instrumental in assisting? What will I need to do better in the future knowing that it’s difficult to string together back-to-back wins?

    When you lose, do you evaluate what you could have done better, what strategies can be implemented to work toward the goal of winning the next time? Spend enough time in this mode and then celebrate. Yep, that’s what I said… Celebrate the awesome effort and know-how that it took to get to this level. You still win when you reach the championship game. Not as much as the winning team, however there are several teams that didn’t make it as far as you did. Celebrate because your efforts are commendable and on course to eventually winning at that level again.

    Talk to me good people!

    Are you playing LIFE or is LIFE playing you?

    How do you celebrate and evaluate?

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  1. RhondaY says:

    Great reminder to “get in the game”.