• The secret to building strength

    Sportsman with barbellWant to be stronger? Lift a heavier weight.

    Sounds pretty simple.. almost too easy right?

    How many of us really want to change our bodies by working out but don’t take the time to change our routines? Doing the same things repeatedly can only strengthen that muscle but so much. It’s easy to get comfortable and be content with the progress we’ve made, however to continue to grow, we’ve got to change our routine. It can be in the form of increasing endurance, agility or flexibility. At times it’s also pertinent to know when it’s time to bring in another person to push, motivate, and educate to help speed up the process.

    Cutting some of the not so healthy things out and filling ourselves with more balanced and enriching substances helps to build muscle as well.

    Everything is a metaphor when we dare to reach for something new that brings us peace and reinforces to ourselves and others, our purpose in  life.

    Something to think about as we get another day to get closer to our dreams.

    Change your habits – change your life!

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