• The Happiness Project

    cea704d0b08e9da3f71c4d2e4b09afffHow often do we just accept “what is” as the truth for ourselves?

    Very often when I sit down with my clients who are struggling with the meaning of their corporate lives, I ask about what makes them happy. Immediately, their faces light up and they begin to talk about what makes their heart sing. It’s wonderful to see and encouraging to know that our happiness, and the things that make us happy are so easy to recall.

    What often becomes difficult is finding the time and making the connection to how we can fulfill that part of our lives while also taking care of our responsibility. This herein, lies the rub.

    The good part is that you know what you know. The best being that, God’s will, we all will have time to map out how to merge the two. One step or dare at a time!

    What energizes you but doesn’t currently exist in your life? What small thing can you do daily to bring that aspect into your life every day.

    Once you do, you may not mind working where you do or whatever ails you about your current place of employment. It may be the provider of life’s necessities while you have the opportunity to really be happy.

    If not, there’s always making a way for changes, right? That’s where I can step in to help with that transition.

    Talk to me good people.. what makes you happy?

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  1. Marie says:

    Good post most of us are doing everything but what we like.