• Formula for greatness

    “I am the greatest of all time” ~ Muhammad Ali

    Many of us have memories of either watching live or recorded footage of the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. The incomparable Muhammad Ali.

    Notwithstanding the climate of the US when Ali made these statements, all I can do it stand in awe of his huge ego, his tenacity, and the audacity of him claiming such things about himself.dipotheexplorer.blogspot.com-muhammad-ali

    Some may have thought, “What an egomaniac! Talking about himself in the third person, exclaiming in witty rhymes, about just how how GREAT he was at his craft!” Well, after a while, Ali absolutely became the Greatest Heavyweight.

    This is a clear example of positive self-talk.

    We believe everything that everyone else has to say about us, right? Especially the worst of it. Some of us even have a problem accepting compliments, pointing out that the other person must be mistaken or minimizing our positive attributes. I’ve been guilty of that.

    When you have a moment of doubt about yourself, where you’re going 0r what you’re doing and need a pick me up, say to yourself, “I am the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!”

    Repeat it as often as you have to, as much as you need to. Every day. All day. If necessary. Don’t fake it until you make it.. but fake it until you become it! Do this for yourself! You will never be the same again (promise)!

    That’s the mission! That’s the goal!

    Thank you Ali for the inspiration, the example of deep belief in self…

    Do you accept the challenge to BELIEVE that you’re the greatest?