• Seasons change… so do you!

    Here in the Northeast, when we’re lucky, we get a chance to experience all 4 Seasons. Love it or hate it, we have the opportunity to enjoy the joys and abundance of the tell-tale signs of change. My personal favourite is the fall with its crisp and refreshingly clean mornings and evenings as well as the change in color of the leaves. Winter, with its severe cold seemingly kills everything living and if we’re lucky we get snow. Spring brings about the beginnings of life, and if we’ve had a “good winter” then we are blessed with green grass, beautiful flowers, and a renewed sense of “new things”. Summers are typically hot and sweltering; we scurry to beaches to experience the quiet cool of the waves along with the laughter of friends and family when we decide to barbeque in the back yard. And then autumn comes again.

    So too, do we experience seasons in our own lives. Do you acknowledge the quiet cool of your life, where you’re preparing to “cut back” and prepare for your harvest? To be in action, there are times when you require rest and a time for hibernation to reflect to return yet new again. Sometimes you need the cloudy, rainy, and sometimes severe weather patterns of your life to bring about the beautiful blooms of your spring and summer. Change takes time and seasons need to run their course. The gift in all of this is that at no point in time are there ever times that we are not continuing to refresh and renew. It boils down to how aware we are of our change and embracing the stormy and sunny days with the same positive energy.

    Are you currently in the autumn of your life or is it more like summer for you? Have you ever felt like it never got cold enough in your winter or experienced a prolonged spring? What will you do differently to acknowledge all that comes in your season?

    I am personally in the introspective autumn of my life and am encouraged by the refreshing, quiet cool of the season along with the hope, grace, and abundance that life has in store for me.  Watch out world, here I come!