• Rx for life

    I turned on my PC this morning ready to get an early start (3:45 am) and BAM, Blue Screen of Death!… Argh!.. I cuss, I fuss, and then kick myself because I knew this would happen. It happened 2 weeks ago before my trip to Miami, and then 3 weeks before then, and a couple of weeks before then. All of these tiny occurrences not culminate into this BIG ISSUE! So I did the next best thing.. got back in bed, wishing, hoping, praying that it just needed some time alone to get itself together because I don’t have time for this! (ha!)

    Ok, so that’s NOT a strategy and me hiding from it will not fix it.

    medical_110003552-011314intI got up, faced the issue and turned the PC on. Low and behold, there were updates on a driver for the hard drive that was running in the background, fixing the issue at hand. After allowing the time for the updates to run, rebooting several times, it’s now 6:00 am and all seems to be well. Good thing I have a backup desktop to stay productive (but that’s another thought for another day!

    Life lesson from my PC this morning... Pay attention to the signs. When a little something isn’t quite right in your mind, body, or spirit… take heed to the warnings and get the updates that you need. Perhaps it’s a much-needed vacation or an appointment to the doctor that’s been going unchecked. Although it may seem scary at the time, it’s better to face it, understand what’s happening and the steps needed to fix the issue. It may be a quick fix, it may take a little time. An addressed issue is a worry that never happens!

    What will you do today to address that lingering issue?

    Here’s to your health!

    Here’s to your life!

    P.S. I’m making that call to tech support today to make sure all is well.