• Roller coaster of life

    “Life is like a roller coaster and if we’re smart, we’ll wave our arms in the air and enjoy the ride”

    ~ Dan Contillo ~

    Now, ain’t that the truth? Why is it so hard to be more accepting and dare I say enjoy the challenges that life has for us?? When our current challenges become a part of our past, is it easy to see that the Kozzi-rollercoasters-at-amusement-park-1778 X 1181outcomes could have been different had we treated the situation differently.

    We can change how we look at what’s in front of us and decide to take another avenue or way of handling our current challenges. Surely, when we don’t take it too seriously, the tension and fears somehow fade away. Once relaxed into the idea of change, we become more creative about how we’ll work it out.

    One thing I know for sure is that all will be well!

    Talk to me… how hard will that be for you?