• Release the Beast!

    OK, so most of you know that I’m a Pro Football and Basketball fan and there’s nothing that gets me more excited than to see these players so lost in their craft that they are just “in the zone”,..doing theimotivationr thing… adjusting to the game at hand and succeeding no matter what!

    It’s a constant reminder to me and hopefully to you… to give yourself permission to get lost in your craft. STOP thinking. STOP talking. START doing.
    When you’re in your zone, you are at your most creative state which means it’s a glimpse of you at your very best. During a recording a an up-coming Blog Talk radio show, I got a chance to see myself in Beast mode through someone else’s eyes. What a proud moment to behold. I was there of course, but when you’re focused on doing something better and walking through” the fire of a thing, standing up to and walking through your fears, you don’t see what others see.

    Inspiration, encouragement, and a little dash of “Alright now, if she can do it, so can I” This isn’t hate… it’s about motivating other’s to step up their game which makes us all better.

    Let’s support one another in our craft.. collectively and individually do what’s necessarty to release your beast… and then go on out there and make the world a better place because you are in it!

    Peace and blessings

    Your dare2doitnow Coach