• Reboot!

    Over the last week or so, I’ve experienced one of the most unsettling of issues with my home computer. This device holds my life story, my business, my personal memories… my everything. It’s also a means of being and staying connected to the world as I know it and it’s become a major part of my life. However when my computer took a couple of Crash conceptpower spikes (after not plugging the power into the UPS – duh!), the next complication came by way of a software update.  After being stuck in limbo, several reboots and hitting F8 to enter safe mode. I call for support and the first and second level support people are at their technical limits to help. Re-install the Operating System is what I hear… Lord! Really?

    Is my backup drive working? “No, sigh.” We can save your data, just not your programs. Do you have the disk for the operating system? “No.” Do you have the original disks for everything you used? “I think so.. gotta find them – now what box are they in?”

    My head was swimming and after a good cry, I just turned the dang thing off and went to bed. For a full day, I didn’t touch my PC. The next morning, after being able to think clearly, I came up with my game plan. I’ll try rebooting myself and get my files backed up. So what the backup hasn’t been working up until now! That drive has 2 purposes and I can copy all my files to it. All I need is for my machine to start up… AGAIN

    I am so very aware right now, and what I know that my issues with my computer can potentially be a metaphor for my life. I’ve been over the hill and through the woods these past few months. Just running fast, not always taking breaks so if I don’t slow down and reboot… I’m going to need to be restored. Do I have a baseline of my life available to go back to if I crash and burn? Right now, everything is changing which is great. Truth be told, I don’t like for things to stay the same. I like to stretch out and improve in various aspects of my life. At times that may mean that other things (people, places, and things) need to go away or be put on the back burner to make room for what’s in front of me. It’s when I choose not to move other things to allow for what is, that I begin to run on overload.

    So, what will I do? I’ll take and make the time to rest, relax and have fun through the yoga-8-1113fg-v-1085twists and turns of this life! I’ve taken up crocheting when I want to relax… It was a great way to honor my mom’s memory a couple of years back and continues to bring me such peace. I’m now making stuff for others and starting a small hat & scarf inventory that I can sell (that’s how beautiful they are – made my first sale a couple of weeks ago!). I have more energy than if I had continued to push through without taking good care of myself in the process.

    Reboot good people, unplug as often as you can. When you get back into the game, you’ll be good as new!

    As for my computer… I will have to update my OS, re-install my programs and then get another system as my go-to IF this ever happens again, I will be ready!

    Are you in need of a reboot? What will you choose to do?

    Talk to me good people.. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Marie says:

    Over the last year with all the different challenges we have through I’ve done a lot of rebooting. In the summer the beach is my rebooting source and this winter it has been shoveling snow. The creative outlet is writing and sewing. Creativity always helps. I’m thankful that I’ve learn to listen to my body and stop to rest when I need it.

  2. Elizabeth Maia-Peterson says:

    Great metaphor, I so can relate. It is important to reboot yourself from time to time. I have made this a part of my life style about a year ago when I was beginning to feel burned out. I put time in my schedule for me – whether its to go get a massage, watch a favorite show, or lounge around. Its ME time. I have a packed schedule between parenting, school, work, etc. I want to give whatever I do 100% – if I don’t reboot – I am only giving 50% because the other half of me is mentally shut down. Making time for yourself is key! Thanks for that great article Tamarra!