• Obstacles

    “Don’t let your obstacle confine you… Allow it to DEFINE you!”

    ~ Steve Harvey, Comedian &  Talk Show Host ~

    When times are good… I mean really, really good, it is easy and effortless to be positive and optimistic about the world and all that’s within it. We laugh without being provoked and smile through many of the things that would cause slight pains.

    However, in the midst of change and challenge when it feels like your life as you knew it is coming to its proverbial end… that’s when character and the true sense of who you are http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-jumping-over-challenge-to-achieve-success-image15904220WAY DOWN DEEP shows up. When the earth has shifted ever so slightly under the very foundation of our careers or our families, that’s when it’s time to put on our smile and know (through faith) that everything is gonna be alright!

    It’s through challenges that we put on our armor and come out fighting for what we’ve always wanted and needed for ourselves, our colleagues, our family, and our friends. Allow those challenges to DEFINE who you ARE, not CONFINE you to what and who you really never wanted to be in the first place!

    Do it today… your life depends on it!