• It’s a matter of the mind

    “People who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter”

    Now that’s a lifetime of worry and stress right out the window. If only I had understood this in my early years, I can’t tell you where I’d be today! I don’t spend too much time kicking myself over 54498-Mind-Over-Matterit.. I’m just truly grateful for the lesson in these few words.

    Get yourself around supportive and uplifting people. Stop caring so deeply about what the naysayers are saying. Listen on the surface for some inkling of truth without taking any of it to heart. What you think about yourself will trump everyone else anyway, so work on engaging, repeating, and believing what you tell yourself.


    I am loved

    I am rich

    I am capable

    I am strong

    I matter

    The way you go about living your life won’t matter much to the people who really and truly care about you!

    Check out Pasha Cook’s I Matter Project to help reinforce and build that strong foundation of self love for yourself and our youth!