• If at first you don’t succeed…..

    get someone to do it for you!

    I’ve known for quite a while that I don’t have the cycles to get everything done in a timely manner in my business. I’ve gone back to the drawing board many times and have reworked the priority list no less than 10 times and still…. couldn’t get it all done. The first thing I do is try harder…. instead of being smarter about asking for the help that I need to be successful.

    I’ve grown up learning that I need to be independent. Learning how and then doing all that needs to be done was a way of life for my Mom and she taught us to do the same for ourselves. In as much as that has helped me to stand out and to be seen as a hard worker, in the long run, it just exhausted me. I didn’t know how to ask for help. I knew how to work harder.

    Abstract business background.

    Well, no more! I have decided that the independent spirit in which I am working no longer serves me. I will start to be more strategic in my business and leave the other things to others. Something my coach helped me to uncover yesterday is that I must do it for myself first! Whoa! Now that’s a novel idea. It’s important to make myself first priority in this act of delegating and clearing the way to a much more happy life. It’s going to take a minute to unlearn some things and I am more than happy to conform because I AM IMPORTANT!

    What about you? What can you change today, completely take off your plate to clear the way towards your own sanity? Maybe it’s someone to mow your lawn or clean your home. Perhaps it’s someone to post your blogs and twitter posts or handling the book-keeping for your business.

    You may be developing someone else’s skills or make a difference by helping someone earn extra money.. but what will you receive in return?


    Listen in on my next Blog Talk Radio broadcast where I will be talking to Bridget Baker, the Webpresence Sherpa on my solo show entitled “Transform your LIFE… If you DARE w/Coach Tamarra: Facebook and Logos and Websites..OH MY!” I had to “break down” and ask her to redesign my website. I could have done it but she is the expert! Bridget did an awesome job in less time that it would have taken me to do it. She included many features and functionality that I wouldn’t have had the time to find. Solopreneurs and do-it-yourselfers are welcome to join the conversations with comments and questions.