• I want my mojo back!

    I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes and intense feelings of despair. My inner 2 year old was in full force… you know the one who is hollering and screaming in the middle of the mall, making a big fuss with everyone in the world watching!  I’m 4 days into getting back to work and I’ve completely lost the “mojo” that I found while on vacation for the last couple of days.  Yes, I have been writing every day (yay) and now have 2 posts to speak of but “I want my mojo back!”

    After telling my husband in my whiny voice about my woes… and sitting in my upset state for a few moments, I started reading the posts of my friends in Summerwrite and connecting to other blogs (namely Jeff Gobin) about random things (or so it seems). I found myself breathing again (thanks Linda) and starting a plan to free the clutter so that I can soon not only have pockets of balance but to do what’s necessary to have my mojo whenever I please.  Every moment of every day is a choice.  How we live it is completely up to us.

    So, today I choose action and balance. My reward, MOJO!

    Lost your mojo?.. Tell us all about it.
    Have additional suggestions on how I and others can get it back?

    Talk to me!

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  1. Fredi Baker says:

    Mojo is the ultimate reward for daring to do it!

  2. Love the honesty 🙂 Is ‘mojo’ the same as ‘juju’?? 🙂