• How sharp are you?

    iron-sharpens-iron-550x320Over the next few days, observe who you are in your various circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

    It’s fine to “run” with those who keep you comfortable, however to stay sharp, we must look to others to help us to grow.

    Do you have times in your everyday life that you are energized, appreciative, and sometimes challenged by the company your keep?

    Take a minute today to be an observer in your life. Are you the sharpest knife in the drawer of your current friends, family, and acquaintances? If not… stay in the drawer as you are in great company and you have the ability to get sharper because those around you can mentor, encourage, and make you as sharp as they are (if they are generous with their gifts).

    If you are.. it doesn’t mean that you need to all out abandon those in your drawer. It means that you have to find your way into a few other drawers where others can further help you in being “all that you can be!”