• Finish 2014 STRONG!

    I was at the gym Sunday morning pushing myself through a very challenging work out. The instructor was demanding at every turn, that we finish each interval strong. The two classes combined were 60 minutes, however with each passing interval, it got harder and harder to complete the set of exercises. She then said something that just completely blew my mind. “You can do anything for just 1 more minute.” What? My body was stressed, I was sweating profusely, slightly out of breath and wanting the pain to end. And then it was over (for that moment).

    In that split second, I completely bought into the notion that I can push myself through the discomfort of those squats, push ups, and whatever else she had in her bag of tricks! She’s right… I can do anything for 1 minute. After that minute was up, we had a 30 second rest and then on to the next set….  These few words became my mantra for the rest of the hour I can do anything for 1 more minute.”

    So today, after returning from the gym, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole stair case.”

    Knowing that we can do anything for one more minute also keeps me hopeful in knowing that I don’t always have to know all the answers, nor do I have to “see” everything in front of me. Faith requires that we take that first step to having what we want and need for our lives without having all the details completely worked out.

    All that we’re pushing for… all that we set ourselves up to do. Even those seemingly impossible things. You can do it for 1 minute, take a breather and then get back to it. It takes just one step, even when you can’t see yourself clear, to your destiny.

    Winner Of Race 3d Character Shows VictoryHave FAITH !

    Do what you need to do for ONE MORE MINUTE!

    Take that FIRST STEP!

    Finish 2014 STRONG!