• Feel it & then Let it go

    letitgoDuring a recent coaching session,  I talked about the roller coaster ride of my last 12 months…. Opportunities lost and found, freedom gained and enjoyed as well as more awesome opportunities ahead.. all in a 12 month span. I recognize and realize that I am in a better place, now.. in this moment. However in the midst of the review, I got caught up in the pain and emotion of those low points since August 2014. And what came out of it, I want and need to share with all of you.

    When the dust of life gets stirred up, feel whatever emotion comes up and then choose to let it go!

    We can either be at the cause or the effect of life. There are some things that we can control and most things we can’t. However the one thing that we always can do is CHOOSE! Not making a choice is a choice… so make sure to know what you’re doing. CHOOSE what’s best for you….and at some point, you must LET IT GO!

    There’s no way forward without letting go.

    What will you dare to feel and let go of today?