• Don’t settle.. Be about your change

    “The people who get on in the world are those who look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

    ~ George Bernard Shaw

    I read this quote this morning and it put an extra pep in my step. We often say, “It is what it !s” Right? Well, if we continue to settle for what it, we will never, ever get to what could be.

    See the potential in your circumstances. Choose to do those things you’re avoiding in an effort to change “what is.” It takes courage. It takes making a bold step forward.

    Try not to worry too much about what “they” may say. “They” admire you, even if they don’t acknowledge what you’re doing… Choose to do it for you!

    My favorite saying of late that I repeat to myself at least once a week is “Stop talking about it and BE about it!”

    Come on… you can do it! I know you can.

    Do you?

    Talk to me good people! What is it that you can see differently in your current circumstance? What’s your first step towards what will be?