• Don’t count me out!

    There’s a king in me. Goliaths to defeat. Visions to decree. It’s my destiny. There’s a king in me. Goliaths to defeat. Vision comes from me. It’s my destiny. Don’t count me out!”

    Jason Nelson – Gospel Artist

    We don’t always know any one individual’s goal and purpose in life, and quite honestly, they don’t know ours. Be considerate and supportive of people in their quest to become who they are looking to become as they walk the road that they believe is the best road to walk. Sometimes we can love so hard and in our innocence thinking that we have the answers to everyone’s cares and worries. At times supporting from afar and working on ourselves is the best medicine. Allowing someone to walk in their creativity and individuality is the best gift to give. Perhaps a pat on the back to say “I support you” or “I love you and wish the best for you” followed with “Let me know how I can help” is all we need.

    Don’t count them out! And more importantly, don’t count yourself out!

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