• Being In THE ZONE

    Along with all of the things that make me unique, I’m an avid fanatic of sports. Professional Football as well as all forms (men’s & women’s) college and professional basketball are by far my favorites. One thing that I know very well is being in the zone… completely connected to and “one” in spirit, in movement, and thought with my fellow team mates… so much so that we don’t even have to say a word to each other and know what we are thinking, and more importantly what we are about to do with and for one another. The special thing about being in the zone was that it didn’t always happen every time we hit the court, however, with enough practice together and running through the drills, things became pretty instinctual between all of us. It may sound corny but it’s like poetry in motion… everything working together to benefit the other. Although it was very important that we won every game, it was more important for us all to be in sync, on one accord with each other in order for us to grow as individuals and as a team.

    So why am I talking about “the zone” you may ask??? For me and my writing, I have found that I have had to work at and practice this art of writing in order to clear through the cobwebs of thoughts in my being and to get to the gems of clarity, knowledge, and inner focus that, when they all comes together, defines who I am and what I give to the world. I learned that 5am trips to New York City on either a Saturday or Sunday morning were the most productive times for me to “be in the zone”. I commute to New York just about every day and never had any “in the zone” moments although I tried my best to recreate the atmosphere of those Saturday / Sunday morning trips. However, no matter how often I tried.. it just never worked out. And when I did go to the city for my next hair appointment, with each trip in I got more and more excited knowing that “something good was going to happen on paper that day. Low and behold, I was right. After reviewing my habits, I’ve found that when I eliminate distractions is when I can allow creativity and thoughts to flow… Now I’m able to find better clarity in my home office… In any event, even though I’ve found a new hairdresser who is 10 minutes away from my house, I can now look forward to my daily trips into the city knowing more about what I need to do in order to let the energy flow.

    Question: Are you able to get into your “zone”?  If so, how do you do it? How long did it take you to know how to ‘go there”?

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  1. Fredi Baker says:

    Ahhhh! That IN THE ZONE space. Love it, even though it can be elusive at times. My best times are early AM and late PM. One other time is when I am smack up against a deadline and I don’t have the luxury of waiting to get into the zone. Yikes – I’m there! Makes me wonder if I am there more often than I know if I would only get out of my way. Great post – thanks for the reminder!

  2. Awesome Tamarra! I don’t commute, but I can’t imagine finding my zone in that. It’s been a while since I’ve felt in the zone — until I started blogging again.

  3. Nice work!!!!! I completely understand when you were speaking about being in the zone either with others or self. I know for a fact, when I am surrounded with distractions or focusing on meaningless activities, the zone is calling out to me for a reunion. When i take good care of myself, and feel well rested and cared for, my body and soul is ready to enter the zone. Thank you for reminding me of the zone