• Am I My Sister’s Keeper? YES I AM!


     [sis-ter-hoo d]
    1. the state of being a sister.
    2. a group of sisters, especially of nuns or of female members of church.
    3. an organization of women with a common interest, as for social,charitable, business, or political purposes.
    4. congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem, concern, support, etc.
    5. Usually, the sisterhood. the community or network of women who participate in or support feminism.

    Sisterhood and being supportive of each other as women is so very important.

    I’m in day 67 of my newly found freedom. Sixty-seven days since I took a leap of faith and gave myself permission to “Go where Tamarra has never gone before!” (smile). I stepped out on faith and said out loud to myself and others, “I am going to pursue building my coaching business full-time.” It was a bold move that was scary to make (and do). But I’ve got to tell you that I have never been so energized, so free, so happy in my life. When I look around to see where my support comes from, I’m grateful, happy and blessed to know that my husband first is my biggest cheerleader and that’s not a given. However outside of that I am blessed and often left breathless by the MULTITUDE of women who hold me up, encourage me with word or song, text me or call me with a “keep doing what you’re doing”… They’ve got my front (and tell me when I’ve got something hanging from my nose) and my back (to shield me when someone intends to harm), they uphold, uplift, and just have me wrapped up in their love and care. It’s overwhelming the support that I receive from my sister circle. My sister-circle consists of women I have known over 40 years as well as women that I’ve just recently met.

    God knows the WHO and WHEN for your WHY!

    To all my angels both here and in heaven, whether you are able to read this or not, I THANK YOU!

    Tonight’s Blog Talk Radio Broadcast is entitled “Am I My Sister’s Keeper… YES I AM!” We will talk about why sisterhood… true sisterhood, is needed and why it’s important to have in our journey as women. Please listen in on the lie broadcast at 7 pm EST. You will be glad you did! If by chance you’re unable to listen live, click on the link above and you will be directed to the recording.