Working with Tamarra was a classic example of the power of the coaching relationship. Throughout our sessions, I was allowed to address my concerns with your invaluable support and keen insights. Working with you has been the most positive and productive coaching experience I have ever had. ~ Grace Thomas Ross

 Tamarra is truly a gifted coach. She has an innate ability to help you realize the truths that jump start the rest of your life. A genuine, honest person of true clarity —  you will never get the run around with her. She is always prepared for your session, organized in her thought process offering all of her gifts to help bring you to the place you so desire to be. She is plain and simply amazing!  My monetary investment has doubled in its value. Tamarra gives 150% and that is a return you just won’t find on the stock market today. Thank you, Tamarra, for exceeding my expectations and introducing me to another level of achievement. Our sessions are priceless!  ~ Cherie Avinger, Director Operations,  RCL Agencies Inc., NJ

 I engaged Tamarra as an unofficial coach, someone outside my direct chain of command who I could trust to provide me unbiased career coaching.  She had developed a reputation for coaching and development and I had entered an important phase of my life where I was ready to engage higher level career discussions.  Although I was under no immediate need to change, and was barely convinced I needed to, I found the exercises and discussions with Tamarra began opening up new possibilities.  It was the foundation for a major change opportunity that presented itself just a couple months later.  Based on our discussions and exercise (coaching) results, I felt extremely confident with the new direction I was taking my career and life, and Tamarra was one of my first calls after accepting the opportunity to thank her for her generous and right-minded development discussions.  ~ Jim Tierney, Manager,  PwC

 I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped, on so many levels. Helping me recognize my skills and abilities was crucial, and has improved my confidence immensely. The green “values” cards are so good to have, and I will be using them to assess and adjust periodically. ~  Rose Mary Schwarz

Being coached by Tamarra has not only changed my career but it’s changed my life. She focused on my needs and what was important to me while also helping me to gain confidence in the choices that I made. In 6 short years, I went from being a Desktop Support Technician without options, to my current role as a Database Administrator. Based on her coaching I am now able to recognize what’s important to me while also making conscious choices for my life. I have the confidence that I am fully capable of achieving whatever I pursue. Thank you Tamarra! I won’t ever forget what you’ve done for me!  ~ Howard Sun, Database Administrator – Weill Cornell Medical College / NY Presbyterian Hospital